jGeoPlanet - the Java library for the Yahoo! GeoPlanet API

jGeoPlanet - the Java library for the Yahoo! GeoPlanet API

jGeoPlanet is a small library providing easy access to the Yahoo! GeoPlanet API. It allows you to look up WOE (Where On Earth) IDs, and explore the relationships between different places e.g. find the neighbours of a given country.

The current version of the library - version 0.1.1 - can be downloaded here:

jGeoPlanet is very easy to use. Example usage:

    GeoPlanet g = new GeoPlanet("your-secret-app-id");
    Place earth = g.getPlace(1);
    PlaceCollection countries = earth.getChildren().type("Country");
    for (Place country : countries.get()) {

You'll find the code is fully documented, and mostly self-explanatory. The javadoc is also available online here: [javadoc].


Please report any bugs to .

Copyright and License

CC-GNU LGPL Developed by Joe Halliwell. This code is copyright (c) Winterwell Associates Ltd, 2009. It is released as open-source under the LGPL license. This code comes with no warranty or support.

You must let your users know that you are using the jGeoPlanet library, which they can get the source code for. A credit on your home page with a link-back to this page, e.g. built using jGeoPlanet, is the recommended way to do this. Your own code can be licensed commercially and you do not have to release the source code.