Bob (the Builder)

Can we build it?

"Bob" or "winterwell.bob" is a java project which leverages maven's abilities, in order to ultimately build other winterwell projects.

Getting Started with Bob

Winterwell Devbox's run a flavour of Debian Linux. These instructions assume that you have a similar setup, or knowledge of using the command line interface on whatever operating system that you have chosen to use while working with Bob.


  1. OpenJDK 8 JDK
  2. OpenJDK 8 JRE
  3. maven (apt install mvn)
  4. Access to your Command line interface
  5. Either a clone, or a zipped download of the Open-Code Repository from github
  6. A version of the "bob-all.jar" JAR. Get the latest one from here. Save this jar in the



Build winterwell.utils

On your command line, change directory to open-code->winterwell.utils

cd open-code/winterwell.utils

Invoke bob-all.jar , and give him a task to do.

java -jar ../winterwell.bob/bob-all.jar jobs.BuildUtils

You can use a similar approach to build all of the other JAR packages. For Example, Building winterwell.datalog.jar...

cd open-code/winterwell.datalog

java -jar ../winterwell.bob/bob-all.jar jobs.BuildDataLog

You can use a pre-built script called '' to automate the refreshing and building of the various Winterwell Jars in the open-code repository.